Bob Rogers for U.S. Congress
Conservative Republican for Alabama's
Second Congressional District

Bob’s Platform

Bob Rogers holds faith and family as a basic structural premise from the individual all the way to federal government.  As long as we hold this premise, the ground work will be set for effective, not always congenial governing.  Our country has grown so far to the left that now our political parties have taken on the acceptance of a one-world government with the United Nations at the helm.  The New World Order as many call it should not, cannot take place in America that is if we want to continue to “hold these truths to be self evident.”  Our Bill of Rights under the Constitution will be at risk, especially the Second Amendment, the most threatening to any faction working toward world-wide dictatorial rule.  Bob Rogers will join with President Trump’s agenda to:

  • bring businesses back home to America,   
  • fight to stop illegal immigration.  Build that wall.
  • As a long standing Member of the NRA, Bob Rogers will work to secure the Second Amendment as written. 
  • take care of our people here at home and that includes the least of these our brethren.  We must stop abortion, late term and post natal.  It is simply murder.
  • work with the peanut farmers and forestry commission to protect pricing is not undercut by foreign interests.
  • continue to fight for proper health care for our Veterans to include mental health for those suffering from PTS.
  • Vote to defund Planned Parenthood.
  • Vote to repeal the most encroaching law ever on the books, the Affordable Care Act or “Obama Care.”


Please join my team and help me become your next District Two Representative in Congress and remember,

“Ya Gotta Vote for Bob!”